Aspect Launches Cloud-Based SaaS Contact Center Platform

Aspect Software has released Zipwire, a feature-rich, cloud-based contact center solution architected to accelerate operational value and customer service excellence.

Zipwire includes premium features such as unlimited elasticity, provisioning simplicity and 24/7 support. The solution can meet the demands of large enterprise contact centers while also addressing the needs of smaller contact center operations, and can be up and running in hours with no setup costs.

Companies can also add functionality or additional seats as their business grows or as it cycles through seasonal or situational volume influxes making the solution a versatile, low risk investment.

“With nearly limitless scale, and being deployed through Aspect's market-leading Voxeo cloud infrastructure gives Zipwire clear competitive advantages compared to other solutions in its class,” said John Amein, vice president, product management, Aspect, in a statement. “These features address the primary concerns startups and smaller companies face operating and servicing contact centers by offering unlimited upward and downward scalability, giving them the ability to create a service footprint that puts them on par with larger corporations.”