AskNicely Launches Benchmark Program

AskNicely, a provider of customer experience software, has launched a free CX benchmark program for service businesses.

Beginning with a quick set of questions, an AskNicely CX expert delivers a personalized analysis to service business leaders based on results from the AskNicely 2022 State of Frontline Study revealing where they stand against CX leaders and specific actions they can take to improve CX and ultimately drive improved revenue growth, customer retention, and employee engagement.

"We know that service businesses need to move fast with their limited budgets and resources. So this is not your typical CX benchmark. Nobody has the time for a weeks-long analysis and multi-year improvement plan that probably won't deliver results," said AskNicely Founder and CEO Aaron Ward in a statement. "Services businesses committed to improving their customer experience can now start with our free benchmarking program to figure out where to get started today. And they will see real-world estimates of return on investment in revenue, customer experience, and employee efficiency from making these changes. Our team of CX experts will then work with them to implement a path to success, delivering measurable results 90 days after getting started."