Arise Virtual Solutions Launches Digital Companion

Arise Virtual Solutions, a provider of work-from-home customer support technology, has launched Arise Digital Companion, leveraging conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to assist customers and service agents.

Arise Digital Companion can automate real-time performance optimization. During live calls, customer intents and sentiments are recognized, analyzed, and trended. From there, prompts and next-best actions are suggested in real time to assist agents. It also incorporates robotic process automation (RPA) for simple tasks, such as updating customer information, processing orders, and documenting summaries of what took place during the call.

Arise Digital Companion also offers enhanced security, conducting continuous and regular searches of unusual activity and escalating potential issues with relevant context in real time. It also uses voice biometrics to passively authenticate users throughout the call by comparing their voice to the voice print on record and put forward real-time alerts in the event of an ID issue.

"We wanted to create the ideal interaction, one where we could scale proactive customer approaches, support optimal performance, and accelerate service efficiency" said Arise's CEO, Scott Etheridge, in a statement. "Our goal was to create something that equally benefitted our clients, their customers, and service partners engaged in the interaction."