Aquarium Software Launches StepOne

Aquarium Software has launched StepOne, a technology platform allowing businesses to build, manage, and maintain campaign scripts, data, and responses, integrate with existing data solutions, and automate processes.

Using the Aquarium platform as its backbone, the StepOne system is designed for busy contact centers.

"The introduction of StepOne could see contact centers potentially save time and money, not just in direct operational areas, such as staffing and training, but in related ones too, such as compliance, IT, and database maintenance," said Aquarium Director Ed Shropshire in a statement. "Early adopters of the platform are reporting to us a significant increase in their productivity alongside a reduction in time spent on training and implementation. Cross-product communication is improved as well, allowing businesses to adapt to the needs of the customer instantly and in real time."

Aquarium's latest software also allows other business processes to be integrated, such as CRM, dialer, and regulatory compliance.

"StepOne's ability to integrate all the data silos of an established contact center operation into one user and customer experience is the key to its design. Those businesses that understand the power of integrated data will without doubt flourish and succeed," Shropshire said.