Anywhere365 Acquires Deepdesk

Anywhere365, a provider of dialogue management and customer service technology, has acquired Deepdesk, a provider of artificial intelligence assistant technology using both proprietary AI models and generative AI.

Deepdesk's AIx platform provides a genAI tool for chat, email, and voice interactions. It empowers customer support agents with real-time knowledge during conversations.

The Deepdesk team will form the AI innovation hub at Anywhere365, empowering Anywhere365's Dialogue Cloud, bringing extensive AI value to its customers and helping to strengthen its sales, product development, and support capabilities. Anywhere365 will expand its country-specific business units, with local presence in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, and Singapore.

"After having the opportunity to work with Anywhere365 as a partner and seeing how our technologies aligned to offer a full suite of CX technologies, it was an easy choice for Deepdesk to become part of the Anywhere365 family. Joining Anywhere365 will enable us to focus on what we do best: develop innovative and industry-leading AI solutions in the customer experience space. We look forward to further integrating this technology into the Anywhere365 platform to add even more value for all our customers. As a new part of the Anywhere365 family, we are excited to grow together and be part of a team that is providing a global, best-in-class customer experience technology," said Robbert Dijkstra, co-Founder and CEO of Deepdesk, in a statement.

"We have been impressed by Deepdesk's market-leading genAI technology, as well as their outstanding commercial traction evidenced by winning blue-chip enterprise clients. Deepdesk has historically been a key partner of Anywhere365, and the technology is already integrated into our Dialogue Cloud offering. Bringing Deepdesk entirely into the Anywhere365 family will enable even stronger integrations and co-development, resulting in a superior value proposition for our customers enhanced by genAI. We look forward to welcoming the Deepdesk team and working in partnership to further accelerate the growth of the group," said Enrico Karsten, CEO of Anywhere365, in a statement.