AnsweriQ Launches Robo Assist

AnsweriQ, a provider of intelligent automation for customer service, has launched Robo Assist, which enables single-click automation for agents.

Robo Assist uses artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to resolve cases. Single-click automation empowers the agent to automate mundane and repetitive tasks like refund processing, account management, service upgrades, invoice reconciliations, inventory lookups, and more.

Freshly, a company that delivers fully-prepared, healthier meals to customers weekly, has deployed Robo Assist to scale its customer service and improve customer experience while driving efficiencies.

"AnsweriQ's Robo Assist using AI and RPA fully automates our customer service order cancellation process. What used to take five to seven minutes of an agent's time now takes us less than 30 seconds with single-click automation. It integrates seamlessly with Zendesk, our CRM platform, and works across all of our channels, whether a customer emails, chats, or calls us," said Colin Crowley, vice president of customer experience at Freshly, in a statement.

Since implementing Robo Assist, Freshly has seen a 90 percent reduction in handle time and an eleven-fold improvement in agent productivity. Further, this allows Freshly';s customer service team to address and resolve time-sensitive requests from customers and also handle spikes.

"Like Freshly, leading subscription services like Dollar Shave Club, BarkBox, and StitchFix offer increased personalization and ease of use via an automated experience. For these businesses, you cannot separate the customer experience from the product. AnsweriQ's AI-based intelligent automation provides speed, increased solve rates for customer service, lower-cost, consistency, and improved customer experience. The power of AnsweriQ's AI along with RPA delivers single-click automation that takes a critical next step in enabling us to fully automate the handling of customer service," said Pradeep Rathinam, founder and CEO of AnsweriQ, in a statement.