Amelia Launches Digital Employee Builder

Amelia, an IPsoft Company, today launched Digital Employee Builder to help companies create intelligent conversational agents.

The Digital Employee Builder leverages Amelia Platform's cognitive intelligence to provide guidance during the design process for conversational agents. It features the Semantic Interface, by which it can understand users requests, such as 'I want to add Frequently Asked Questions.'

Amelia's cognitive brain allows users to have natural, human-like conversations to execute tasks or resolve queries. Using advanced natural language processing, Amelia can handle complex conversations and digressions, follow context switching, and independently execute complex tasks to resolve user requests. Her affective computing and sentiment analysis enable her to recognize and adapt responses based on the mood of the user and the context of the situation. These skills are constantly improving through her automated learning capabilities.

"Over the past two decades, we've dedicated ourselves to creating Amelia, the most intelligent conversational agent on the market, who has repeatedly made a transformational impact on the organizations in which she is implemented," said Chetan Dube, CEO and founder of Amelia, in a statement. "We believe in the power of conversational AI to establish a truly hybrid workforce with human and digital employees working together to achieve amazing things, and the launch of the Digital Employee Builder is important in enabling us to open up these opportunities to organizations that don't have the extensive AI expertise internally."

"With the Amelia Digital Employee Builder, the ease of developing intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) has dramatically changed, and you no longer need people with AI and IT expertise to deploy them. Basically, you are giving every business analyst the ability to deploy and build experiences within IVAs," said Adeel Fudda, intelligent automation director at Mars, in a statement.