Alorica Releases Alorica Anywhere

Alorica, a contact center services and solutions provider, has launched Alorica Anywhere, an end-to-end platform for agents in a work-at-home (WAH) environment.

Alorica Anywhere integrates its data-protected, omnichannel technology with its employee experience programs to power its globally distributed workforce. The Alorica Anywhere platform empowers agents with gamified digital tools and resources to build skills, performance, and culture in a distributed workforce model. Agents give regular input on their confidence and satisfaction, which fuels Alorica's big data system to collect real-time feedback on performance. Dashboards provide transparency and the tools necessary to deploy best practices, focus on critical opportunities, and scale the WAH operating model globally.

"An insanely great customer experience is a direct result of an insanely great employee experience," said Alorica's chief marketing officer, Colson Hillier, in a statement. "And what worked in a brick-and-mortar environment doesn't necessarily translate in this new virtual world. So, we took our proven service blueprint process for improving CX and applied it to our own operations to create this new WAH delivery model. It's an entirely new system derived from our big data learnings, unique culture, and 17 years of WAH experience, and it's been critical to transitioning nearly 70 percent of our global workforce to a distributed model while maintaining performance for clients."

The Alorica Anywhere platform includes 100 percent virtual hiring, instructional design customized for WAH training, agent-assist tools, and real-time performance dashboards. As a result of its launch, Alorica's WAH delivery yielded a 7 percent increase in eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score), leading to improved attrition and fill rates, 6 percent better overall performance, and 100 percent continuity of services for hundreds of clients across all industries.

"We're optimizing both the employee and customer experience through our digital platforms, data intelligence, and ability to make calculated changes at every level throughout the organization. Our philosophy is to act on the feedback from agents who are closest to the customer and leverage technology to capture, interpret, and use data from a broad range of listening posts, including speech analytics, anomaly detection, eNPS, and performance reports. We aggregate these signals and quickly troubleshoot issues through our AI-enabled platform to ensure confident employees are delivering exceptional performance while maintaining a positive culture in a digital environment," Hillier explained.

Alorica Anywhere also includes data masking, identity management, access-control desktops, secure payment transactions, and more.&n