Aircall's Omni-Channel Routing System Now Available in Salesforce Service Cloud

Aircall, providers of a cloud-based business phone platform, has announced a functionality that enables Service Cloud users to add Aircall voice components to their Omni-Channel Routing System. This functionality will enable support agents to switch between communication channels.

With the Omni-Channel Routing system, when an agent picks up a call, her Omni-Channel status is automatically switched to 'in call' and will pause requests on other channels, such as Live Agent chat. Similarly, when an agent is assisting a customer on Live Agent Chat, Aircall will switch to unavailable, and the call will be pushed to the next available agent. All rules within the system are customizable directly from the Aircall dashboard, and with the Aircall integration, calls and call recordings are automatically logged directly into Salesforce.

"Service expectations have changed in the last 10 years. Customers expect instant communication regardless of which channel they use or prefer," said Olivier Pailhes, CEO of Aircall, in a statement. "Integrating Salesforce Omni-Channel Routing with Aircall's phone system was a natural next step. We're pleased to offer this tool to Service Cloud users in the U.S."

Users must have an Aircall Enterprise plan and use Salesforce Service Cloud, with Omni-Channel Routing activated. Support team managers will have access to an Omni-Channel Supervisor view that will give them live access to the agents' statuses on the different queues and to change them if necessary.

Aircall's voice capabilities are available in both the Classic and Lightning versions of Salesforce Service Cloud.