AgilOne Launches 360 Profile for Customer Service

AgilOne, providers of a customer data platform, today launched AgilOne 360 Profile for Customer Service, which provides AgilOne's single view of the customer to customer support and call center teams in real time.

AgilOne cleanses, dedupes, stitches, and appends customer data from all online and offline sources, including data from events, journeys, campaigns, and transactions; this is combined with predictive intelligence and insights for each individual customer. For each customer, AgilOn's 360 Profile includes customer summary attributes, transaction history details, the customer journey, customer record details, and a household summary.

Customer service agents can use the 360 Profile for Customer Service during support calls to look up details, such as a customer's preferred store location; recent website, email, or mobile activity; preferred method of communication; likelihood to buy; and product repair and return history.

Unified profiles are surfaced through the AgilOne 360 Profile UI and API to give an in-depth view into each customer. Profiles are searchable in both the UI and API, even with partial information, such as phone number or email. Profiles are configurable to include any relevant customer data.

"Customer data platforms are emerging as a key competitive advantage for brands that have many customer interaction points, leverage many sources of data, and rely on deepening relationships with customers over time. This is not limited to just marketing but includes every interaction point with the customer, including advertising and customer experience," said Omer Artun, CEO of AgilOne, in a statement. "Part of this relationship includes the experiences customers have with service and support teams. Deeper insight into customer behavior equips support teams with the information they need to provide better and more individualized customer service, speeding issue resolution while increasing customer retention and lifetime value."