Adtech Global Debuts Ignite Speech Analytics Program

Adtech Global, a contact center services and solutions provider, has announced the Ignite  Speech Analytics program that will enable customers to capture and evaluate customer interactions to drive business decisions and process improvements with increased flexibility.

Ignite  uses Verint’s Impact 360 Speech Analytics to gain insight from thousands of customer calls over a three month period, allowing contact centers to experience the benefits of the Speech Analytics application without a hardware or software purchase, and no training. Ignite is intended to make speech analytics more affordable so that organizations can utilize the speech application to support quality assurance metrics, for an ad hoc initiative, or to uncover trends in the contact center.  Ignite also allows organizations to try speech analytics before investing in hardware, software and personnel to bring it in-house permanently.

Speech Analytics is increasingly playing a larger role in the contact center, helping organizations to mine and evaluate recorded customer interactions.  When aggregated, this data can uncover invaluable trend data and actionable feedback which is essential for building cost-effective customer service strategies, the company said. 

“Proving the inherent value of speech analytics to operational executives continues to be a challenge,” said Joe Halloran, vice president, Business Development, Adtech Global, in a statement.  ”We see Ignite as a brilliant pathway for organizations to experience and embrace the benefits that Speech Analytics delivers.”

As part of Ignite,  Adtech Global’s speech analytics experts will take an organization through a discovery process of reporting and trend analysis to reveal insights on reducing costs and improving products, processes, and the customer experience.  The included consultation uses Ignite results to help identify and quantify how analytics can improve contact center or back-office operations as well as helping to pinpoint cost drivers and opportunities. 

Ignite  is a revolutionary program for contact centers. There is nothing else on the market to ‘test drive’ speech analytics today,” said Ric Gray, president, Adtech Global, in a statement.  “Whether you’re working to improve the efficiency and customer satisfaction of your contact center or building out an enterprise-wide customer experience program, Ignite allows contact centers to utilize speech analytics for a specific period of time to experience the power of the application at their fingertips and, in turn, realize the return on investment.”


The speech analytics program includes:

  • A three month managed service engagement for up to 300 seats
  • Consultation with seasoned speech analytics experts.
  • Focus on business objectives such as churn reduction, identifying call drivers or decreasing the cost to serve your customers.
  • Detailed trend analysis and weekly reporting of results.
  • Call encryption for protection.
  • No hardware, licensing or customer training needed.
  •  Calls can be extracted from any recording software.]
  • Aims to improve business through findings of ad hoc campaigns and short-term trends as well as quantify ROI on speech analytics.