Accenture Launches Multichannel Solution for Insurers Using Pegasystems Tech

Accenture has launched Accenture Insurance Customer Insights solution, an integrated product available in the cloud or on-premise that gives insurers access to new distribution models, with management across multiple channels including social media.

The solution utilizes Accenture Duck Creek Policy as the core policy administration platform. This provides flexible and extensible architecture that enables Pegasystems’ to integrate its front-end omnichannel, digital and mobile distribution capabilities through the Duck Creek Anywhere functionality.

The combined solution can help insurers to centralize product and policy management and make better underwriting decisions. Additionally, it can provide a comprehensive view of the customer and applies predictive analytics to identify product recommendations, and deliver data-driven recommendations to users across multiple channels, including mobile, Web and telephone.

“As insurers strive to capitalize on opportunities afforded by access to the vast amounts of customer data available today, this new solution can help them quickly identify opportunities triggered by customer life events and deliver product recommendations,” stated Cindy De Armond, a managing director in Accenture Property and Casualty Insurance Services and the policy services offering lead for North America. “By combining Pega’s customer experience and easy-to-navigate desktop tools with Accenture Duck Creek core insurance processing offerings, the solution can help carriers deliver new products to their customers when, where and how they want them.”

Accenture Insurance Customer Insights Solution expands the Accenture Duck Creek Policy solution, which helps insurers manage the lifecycle of an insurance policy. Leveraging the Accenture Duck Creek Anywhere technology, the integrated solution can provide a comprehensive view of product management and help insurers define, design, modify and deploy products to help address a rapidly evolving market. Cloud management capabilities are provided via the Accenture cloud platform, the multi-cloud management platform powering Accenture hybrid cloud solutions.

“Accenture and Pega have a long history of working together to help insurers around the world transform their businesses by improving customer experiences, refining underwriting processes, lowering costs and driving growth,” said Chris Blatchly, vice president and global insurance business line leader, Pegasystems, in a statement. “This new solution exemplifies how clients can benefit when leading providers collaborate to bring innovation to market.”

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Posted February 12, 2016