AWS Adds to Contact Lens

At its Contact Center Day event yesterday, Amazon Web Services unveiled Contact Lens for Amazon Connect ;with new evaluation forms for agent performance. The new solutions enable contact center managers to create evaluation forms that can be automatically scored by Contact Lens' machine-learning-powered conversational analytics to identify coaching needs.

The new features for Amazon Connect Contact Lens include the following:

  • Conversational analytics so managers can review conversations alongside contact details, recordings, transcripts, and summaries. Conversational analytics automatically populates evaluation results, scoring criteria like script adherence, sensitive data collection, and customer greetings.
  • Agent performance metrics to identify coaching opportunities for compliance or sales effectiveness and compare the performance against organizational benchmarks.

Contact centers can also use public APIs to ingest data, such as customer satisfaction scores or sales records, from third-party sources such as survey tools or CRM systems, and have all relevant agent performance data and insights across cohorts of agents over time, in a single interface.

Managers can also receive automated notifications when an evaluation is completed and search for evaluation results based on a set of criteria such as evaluation scores.