3CLogic and IntelaCloud to Release Cloud-Based Contact Center and PBX Solution

3CLogic, a provider of inbound, outbound and blended cloud-based contact center solutions, and Intelacloud, a cloud-based PBX provider, announced a partnership to deliver an end-to-end PBX and contact center solution.

The companies said that organizations that are seeking to benefit from enhanced flexibility and cost efficiencies of cloud can now do so with a complete solution to address the needs of both their contact center and back-office teams using 3CLogic and IntelaCloud’s single interconnected implementation.

The combined offering will deliver benefits to businesses considering moving to the cloud but currently use PBX software for both internal communication needs and contact center operations. Among the features: 

  •     A single integrated solution for all voice-related needs.
  •     Improvements in business continuity through platform redundancy.
  •     Seamless integration between corporate back-office and contact center operations.

“Cloud contact center solutions have gained broad adoption, yet we regularly see firms hesitate to upgrade one aspect of their business at the expense of leaving the other behind and this partnership closes that gap,” said Raj Sharma, CEO, 3CLogic, in a statement.

While the cloud contact center industry has seen significant growth, it has largely done so without a cloud PBX counterpart to link external and internal communication requirements, according to the companies. The partnership is a critical step forward for businesses currently considering the merits of cloud and will help facilitate any migration efforts while allowing current internal businesses processes to remain intact without the need for two separate and disparate voice systems.

“IntelaCloud has had tremendous success in the voice world but is finding more and more customers are asking for contact center solutions,” said Tim Hewitt, CEO, IntelaCloud, in a statement. “We are extremely excited about providing a cloud hosted PBX solution with 3Clogic. We expect the partnership to be mutually beneficial for all as more and more businesses contemplate cloud for all their voice needs.”