3CLogic Unveils Newest Cloud Communication Platform

3CLogic, a provider of cloud communication as a service, has unveiled its new hybrid cloud solution while extending its library of APIs to allow for more client-driven implementations.

"We recognize that despite cloud-first strategies dominating most roadmaps, the migration to cloud can be more complex for organizations still heavily tethered to existing on-premises systems," said Raj Sharma, chief operations officer at 3CLogic, in a statement. "Our latest platform helps to facilitate cloud adoption by leveraging a company's existing investment in system infrastructure, such as Cisco and Avaya, while extending the efficiencies and scalability of our latest end-to-end cloud communication platform. It truly offers the best of both worlds."

Leveraging its existing distributed architecture technology and Amazon Web Services (AWS), 3CLogic&'s newest hybrid cloud solution introduces microservices to deliver cloud communication that allows for the decomposition of individual applications. As a result, businesses can weave single services (IVR, call dstribution, automated dialing, reporting, etc.) to build useful business processes, integration flows, or user experiences, while integrating with existing on-premises systems.