[24]7.ai Enters CCaaS Market with Engagement Cloud

[24]7.ai, a provider of contact center services and conversational artificial intelligence, has expanded into the contact center as a service (CCaaS) space with its launch of the [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud.

"[24]7.ai enters a crowded CCaaS market uniquely equipped with a deep understanding of operational requirements derived from its expertise as a business process outsourcer," said Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder of Opus Research, in a statement. "The company's CCaaS platform, [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud provides a ready-made mix of proven features and functions, including agent experience, omnichannel customization, and the ability to infuse solutions with conversational AI at scale,that solve the known deficiencies of existing approaches."

With [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud, the company added key capabilities to its contact center platform. These include the following:

  • Omnichannel intelligent routing for voice agents;
  • Video service that enables agents to schedule video meetings from the workspace;
  • No-code/low-code environment to configure and turn on features;
  • [24]7 Conversation Insights, which automatically aggregates, standardizes, and analyzes structured and unstructured conversation data;
  • New workspace that& handles voice, video, and digital conversations and enables agents to work from anywhere they can access the internet;
  • Application widgets for customization, extension, or integration with any agent-facing application, such as CRM, workforce management and AI agent recommendation engines;
  • Team Leader dashboard that provides real-time visibility into key agent and team performance metrics for on-the-fly coaching and problem solving;
  • A new Agent Assist widget that provides conversation, customer, and agent context; and
  • Tools to digitally augment voice calls.

"Our business is all about making it easy for brands and consumers to connect," said Rohan Ganeson, [24]7.ai's chief operating officer and head of products, in a statement. "That's clearly never been truer than it is right now. In fact, we make it simpler and do it more effectively and more cost-efficiently than any other CCaaS player because we're the only ones with deep experience running contact centers. We understand what works so we know what to build and automate and, equally important, what not to build and not to automate. Just throwing bots at a problem will damage your brand, and asking agents to handle all conversations is costly and not always convenient for consumers.

"The numbers back us up," Ganeson continued. "Not only does Engagement Cloud automate more than 60 percent of conversations, but our clients see customer loyalty increase 25 percent and agent productivity increase 20 percent. Automation is essential to what we do, but our real advantage is human-entered, such as the way our AI and agents continually train each other and supervisors track performance for real-time coaching."