[24]7.ai Enhances the [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud

[24]7.ai, a provider of omnichannel conversational artificial intelligence for both voice and digital customer engagement, has enhanced the& [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud, its integrated suite of applications, to power both voice and digital interactions.

A major enhancement to [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud is the introduction of  [24]7.ai Learning Center, a self-paced education services offering to help clients learn about [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud.

Other features and capabilities that have been added to [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud include the following:

  • A no-code interface that enables users to build and deploy bots and context-aware conversation flows with [24]7 Conversations. Users can design and deploy digital or voice bots in a few days, with personalization based on channel, user profile, history of communication, and business criteria. The platform enables users to build once and deploy anywhere, across synchronous and asynchronous messaging channels. This includes a native messaging experience across multiple messaging platforms.
  • Conversational AI, with Edge AI for work-from-home (WFH) agents, that includes user identity verification, challenge screen, and team-lead intervention. Automatic Model Monitoring (AMMO), an extension of the Model Workbench capability, allows continuous monitoring of intent models, and alerts users in real time with AI optimization opportunities to increase bot containment rates. Model Workbench's unique Universal Dataset helps improve accuracy of Day-0 speech models. In addition to traditional ML models, users can build deep learning models using TensorFlow.
  • [24]7.ai Remote, an AI-based workspace/transaction monitoring system with real-time system action and compliance audits by risk teams. Agents are empowered with outbound SMS capabilities .
  • AI-driven [24]7 Assist to intelligently route customers. Agent Assist now integrates with [24]7 Answers and Google CCAI.