[24]7.ai Adds Intelligent Messaging Support in Fall 2017 Release

[24]7.ai, a provider of customer experience solutions, recently launched its Fall 2017 Release with support for business chat, enabling companies to have conversations with consumers using natural language on more than a billion devices worldwide.

The Fall 2017 Release extends intelligent messaging capabilities to [24]7 Chat and [24]7 AIVA, allowing consumers to pick up conversations where they left off, even if they are using different devices or revisiting conversations months later.

It also includes new Vivid Speech functionality that enhances interactive voice response (IVR) with intuitive visual experiences. The Vivid Speech feature available in [24]7 AIVA augments IVR by providing consumers with a multimodal speech, touch, and visual experience. Vivid Speech enables companies to engage with customers visually, without having to download a mobile application. By providing callers on smartphones with a link to a personalized mobile Web page, Vivid Speech gives consumers the option to use touch as an input mode.

In addition to Vivid Speech and support for business chat, the Fall 2017 Release includes single-threaded conversations that allow consumers to pick up right where they left off. Companies using [24]7 Chat and [24]7 AIVA can now engage in continuous conversations with consumers in real time and over time with the addition of intelligent messaging, and, because context is transferred, companies can better predict consumer intent. This single continuous thread of conversation covers all branded digital channels, including web, mobile web, and iOS and Android devices.

"Brands and consumers are increasingly turning to digital communication as a way to simplify complex tasks," said Scott Horn, chief marketing officer at[24]7.ai, in a statement. "Vivid Speech gives consumers control and greatly improves customer satisfaction, while intelligent messaging enables effortless interactions no matter how or when consumers choose to engage with your company. This is achieved by transferring context over time and across devices, as exemplified by our support business chat."