Turning The Great Resignation into The Great Retention:

5 ways leaders can automate to save money & limit agent attrition

Bands are doing all they can these days to reduce attrition — especially in contact centers. There's a lot to be learned, so Khoros conducted a research study of high-level contact center stakeholders at major brands in almost every B2B and B2C industry and asked them which practices and investments were most important for keeping agents around for the long term. 

In this whitepaper, Khoros shares five key insights for brands looking to bolster agent experience without sacrificing customer satisfaction. 
This report will cover the benefits of:

  • Implementing AI to reduce agent stress and save money
  • Empathizing with agents and empowering them with tools to help them empathize with customers
  • Reducing agent training and coaching costs
  • Freeing up both agents’ and management’s time
  • Digging into data to reveal insights that will boost agent performance and CX
  • Building the case for AI: it saves money, time, and agent turnover