Profiting from Customer Experience: Why An Easy Customer Journey Makes Easy Money

Does your company track the direct relationship between customer experience and financial performance? The real numbers may surprise you, as studies continue to show the measurable value of happy customers.

Satisfied customers are not only more likely to buy repeatedly, they may also recommend you to other potential customers in the social realm. On the flip side, bad experiences don’t just harm you, they help your competitors. An Oracle study cites that 68% went straight to a competitor after ONE negative experience.

 Read Profiting from Customer Experience for insights and an action plan:

  • Learn the six elements of customer experience.
  • Understand how to earn business value from better customer experience.
  • Build a single view of the customer that includes their direct feedback.
  • Systematically measure and take action on customer feedback.
  • Apply clear steps to begin profiting from customer experience.