Increase sales productivity and insight with streamlined data

Needed: a well-defined sales process

In a highly competitive, high-volume sales landscape, deals are made and closed quickly. The pace of business is accelerating, and so are sales cycles. To gain and maintain a competitive edge, sales teams and sales leaders need manage their pipelines in real time – with data.

Data in Salesforce is only useful so long as it is easily accessible, easily interpreted, and can be readily filtered and sorted so that it can be analyzed and acted upon. The right tool brings your Salesforce data to life.

Data creates priorities, drives better sales behavior. In this whitepaper you'll learn how to:

  • Establish a sales process based on measureable milestones
  • Leverage data to create a sales process that maximizes productivity
  • Move deals forward with data
  • Prioritize sales activities with data to drive better sales behavior
  • Drastically reduce data housekeeping, focusing sales on core selling