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Transversal is the leading provider of enterprise knowledge solutions for the cloud.  Our solutions are designed to help improve agent efficiencies in contact centres, deliver exceptional experiences in online self-service, and increase business performance with employees and business partners.   We have totally reimagined how people interact with knowledge.  Powered by Prescience™, our next generation cognitive knowledge platform, Transversal is changing the way companies provide mission critical answers to customers across the globe.  Our focus is to connect people with knowledge, ensuring agents, customers and employees alike can find the right answer the first time and every time they need it.

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KMWorld 100 COMPANIES That Matter in KM 2015

TSIA Vision Award 2014

Digital Leaders 100 2014

Contact Centre Assoc. Awards 2011

Retail Systems Awards 2011

Financial Sector Technology Awards 2010

Contact Centre Assoc. Awards 2010

Contact Centre Assoc. Awards 2009



To be successful in consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences, businesses need a modern knowledge solution that understands, predicts, and provides cognitive intelligence that is vital to supporting the complete customer experience.  For more than a decade companies have discovered the power of Transversal’s knowledge solutions to improve agent productivity by as much as 35%, achieve double-digit increases in customer satisfaction and differentiate themselves based on outstanding service quality.

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Product Description


Transversal represents one of the best decisions you can make for your customers and your company. Your customers gain highly responsive, consistent service delivered across any channel. Your company benefits with improved resolution rates, better resource use, tailored advice and offers for each customer and the ability to turn service interactions into sales opportunities. 

With Transversal, you can:

       Increase productivity in the contact center

       Accelerate staff ramp-up time

       Improve online self-service success

       Eliminate email escalations

       Lower operational costs

       Convert more online sales

       Capture and retain important knowledge

The future of intelligent customer experience is here.



Transversal goes beyond enabling customers to find answers online. Our self-learning knowledge solution intentionally surrounds online answers with dynamic pieces of content related to self-service inquiries such as related topics, product promotions, service alerts and troubleshooting wizards.

Delight your customers with an online experience that predicts what they will want to know next and eliminate unnecessary escalations. Transversal’s modern approach to knowledge can help organizations to significantly reduce support costs while optimizing the online customer experience.

 Major Benefits:

        25% Increase in Case Deflections

       3X Increase in Self-Service Adoption

       30% Increase in Online Customer Satisfaction

       2X Improvement in Search Accuracy



Transversal supercharges Contact Center desktops with automated intelligence that virtually predicts the intent of customer interaction to deliver the right answer 2X faster.

This powerful new solution takes advantage of Transversal’s dynamic knowledge base and patented machine intelligence technology to instantly find relevant answers and eliminate time-consuming research. Transversal makes it easy for every agent—whether novice or expert—to find the most accurate answer that matches the intent of the question as quickly as possible.  The result is an exceptional service experience that increases agent productivity, improves first contact accuracy, and exceeds customer expectations.

 Major Benefits:

       55% Increase in Employee Productivity

       2X Improvement in Accuracy

       20% Decrease in Training Costs

       47% Faster Answers

       25% Increase in First Contact Resolutions



Empower your staff to reach new levels of productivity.  With Transversal’s knowledge solutions for Enterprise HR you will quickly be able to streamline the process of finding answers, capture organizational insight and expertise, and deliver this collective intelligence across your organization. 

Transversal allows employees to learn on the fly and find the information they need to get their job done faster and better. Employees and business partners can access important information from any device so you can mobilize your workforce. Transversal’s modern approach to knowledge can help organizations significantly reduce internal costs, increase employee satisfaction, and gain a real competitive advantage.

 Major Benefits:

       28% Increase in New Hire Effectiveness

       20% Increase in Team Productivity

       25% Decrease in Employee Support Costs

       3X Increase in Employee Feedback and Interaction



Behind every exceptional customer experience is a truly great technology enabling incredible things to come together. Prescience™ is Transversal's revolutionary technology platform and it is changing the possibilities for enterprises around connecting people to vital business knowledge. Powered by advanced cloud computing technologies, Prescience™ was designed with a unique purpose; to anticipate human actions or events before they occur. These specialized algorithms and extremely powerful Prescience™ services are developed in-house by a talented team of software engineers and math PhD holders. Our knowledge platform provides a set of modular enterprise capabilities that allow companies to collect, manage and predict the information generated when customers interact with your business. Prescience™ provides the flexibility and enterprise-grade infrastructure businesses need to rapidly deploy knowledge applications. Experience the most secure, reliable and trusted enterprise knowledge platform delivered via the cloud.

Major Benefits:

       Improved Deployment Times

       Flexible Subscription-based Pricing

       SaaS Delivery – no Hardware, Software or IT Support 

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