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Pegasystems is the leading provider of business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions. With a powerful business rules engine and support for real-time predictive analytics, Pega Better Business Software® is the ideal platform for intelligent business process automation and optimization. Pega business process management software and customer relationship management software support a wide range of use cases including order fulfillment, claims processing, case management, real time marketing, and business process outsourcing. Pega accelerates time-to-value by offering solutions tailored to specific industries such as financial services, insurance, manufacturing, and communications, as well as healthcare management solutions and other types of healthcare solutions for payers and providers. Across all industries, Pega CRM software and call center software enable enterprises to deliver individualized customer services and micro-targeted offers. Pega's Next Best Action marketing and sales force automation technology applies real-time analytics to present each customer or prospect with the right offer at the right time, boosting offer acceptance rates and maximizing the lifetime value of the customer.

Product Description


Customer Service, Evolved

New channels, devices and products. Customers expect more - and they expect it now. With Pega, you deliver a satisfying, efficient and accurate experience.

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Engage Customers everywhere

What if you could truly put the customer in the center of your customer service? Pega Customer Service does that, by helping you:

  • Meet customers where they are, with our omni-channel service, to stay engaged without ever losing context.
  • Anticipate customer needs, with our intelligent guidance, to simplify the steps for personalized service.
  • Deliver on your promises to customers, with our case management capabilities, to connect all the people and systems required to resolve an issue.
  • Focus on your customers not your systems, with our unified platform, to keep your application always up to date.

That way, no matter how customers contact you, and which employee they interact with, you always deliver a satisfying, efficient and accurate customer service experience.

Pega has helped companies like Kaiser PermanenteAmerican Express, and Farmers Insurance save tens of millions of dollars, increase First Contact Resolution rates by 50% and cut training costs by as much as 90%.

Deliver satisfying, efficient and accurate service experiences

With Pega Customer Service, you will be better able to anticipate customer needs, provide guidance to employees, and automate processes to deliver a satisfying, efficient and accurate service experience for your connected customers.

Omni-channel service. With Pega, your customer conversations seamlessly transition across communication channels and devices without losing context.

  • Mobile. Customers and employees, such as supervisors, branch employees and field service agents, can interact through a user experience optimized for their devices.
  • Co-Browsing. Customer service representatives can instantly share a web or mobile experience and guide customers in real time.
  • Social engagement. Customer service representatives can listen to social conversations, analyze customer sentiment, and give an appropriate response in the right channel at the right time.

Case Management. Pega helps you keep your promise to your customers, connecting all the people and systems required to resolve each customer inquiry. It tracks related information, automates and assigns outstanding tasks, and connects front- and back-office activity, for end-to-end resolution.

Intelligent guidance. Pega anticipates what each customer needs, based on the situation. During interactions, it intelligently suggests the next-best-action to take, guiding users step-by-step through a personalized service experience.

Intuitive interface. Pega's interface is beautiful to work with, yet powerful enough to support the customer service complexities of large organizations.

Knowledge management. Pega recommends relevant, timely information based on the current customer interaction. It manages the complete lifecycle of content from creation to publication.


White Papers, Webinars and Content Library

The gap between the promise of legacy CRM systems and the value they actually deliver is significant, and that the gap is growing even larger as the pace of change accelerates. (“Salesforce”) pioneered the use of cloud computing for sales force automation applications. Its customer service application, Salesforce Service Cloud (“Service Cloud”), is reported to be effective at capturing and tracking contact information and interaction history. These capabilities have allowed Salesforce to rapidly grow its Service Cloud business, especially in the small-to-medium business (SMB) market. Pegasystems has helped complex, global enterprises deliver better customer experiences. Buyers and independent analysts suggest, however, that Service Cloud lacks many of the core capabilities required to meet the customer service needs of these larger enterprises. These include the ability to deliver on-premises or in cloud deployments. It also includes the ability to connect multiple disparate systems into one platform, and the ability to provide the sort of real-time analysis and intelligent guidance of back and mid-office processes that comes from dynamic case management and real-time decisioning. This often results in unexpected maintenance complexities and a higher-than-predicted total cost of ownership.

Engage clients everywhere! Today's digital empowered customers are more demanding than ever. They expect a quick and accurate resolution to their inquiry via their communication channel and device of choice. How can service organizations evolve from traditional contact centers to engagement centers as they strive to exceed customer expectations? Download this eBook by Steve Kraus of Pegasystems to learn the 5 key characteristics to help your service organization become a more successful engagement center: Embracing the customer everywhere regardless of channel or device Empowering customer service reps to intelligently resolve interactions with customer context Recommending the best solution based on a personalized experience Breaking down walls between organizations and systems Adding value to the customer by anticipating their needs and aligning those needs to build lasting relationships.

For many Communications Service Providers, winning enterprise business is a top priority. Yet today it can take months to fulfill orders for the biggest opportunities—especially as product portfolios grow to include a full-range of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) services. Today, Pega is helping Telstra simplify and streamline processes for activating IP services for its enterprise customers. As a result, Telstra has reduced the cycle time for order-to-activation by 70 percent, meeting the heightened expectations of its most demanding clients. In addition to the significant time savings, Telstra has experienced an upsurge in customer satisfaction with customers rating.

Pega’s enterprise service application, Pega Customer Service, provides a contact center desktop, case management for customer service, mobile field service, self-service and industry-specific processes and data models. With Pega, service organizations can deliver consistent interactions across every channel, help employees work smarter and faster, and respond rapidly to new business opportunities and challenges.

Customer service professionals know better than anyone how fast the world is changing. New channels, new technologies and sky-high customer expectations are pushing your organization to be more agile, flexible and scalable than ever. To keep your edge and win, here are five key things that your customer service apps need to be able to do.

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