Aspect Software

300 Apollo Drive
Chelmsford, MA 01824

Phone: 978.250.7900
Fax: 978.244.7420


Aspect Software is a leading provider of contact center solutions and services that enable businesses to manage and optimize customer communications. Our global customer base includes more than two-thirds of the Fortune 50 and leading corporations in a range of industries, including transportation, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, retail and outsourcing, as well as large government agencies.

Product Description

Signature product line: The Aspect Software industry-leading Signature products provide the capabilities and reliability required by companies looking to replace or incrementally add functionality to their contact centers. The product line includes the Aspect® Spectrum® ACD, Aspect® Call Center® ACD, Aspect® Customer Self Service™, Aspect® Unison® Predictive Dialer, Aspect® Conversations™ Predictive Dialer and Aspect® Enterprise Contact Server™. These products all offer a seamless migration from traditional voice to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Unified IP Contact Center product line: The Aspect Software Unified IP™ Contact Center products bring extreme flexibility to dynamic organizations. Aspect® EnsemblePro™ and Aspect® Uniphi Suite™, specifically created to unite multiple capabilities in single platform, enable customers to unlock additional functionality as needed. These proven capabilities include automatic call distribution (ACD), predictive dialing, speech self service, Internet contact via email or chat, quality recording and quality management, all with unified reporting, routing and administration. Unified IP Contact Center products allow customers their choice of transport – open source IP, closed source IP or traditional voice. Contact Center Performance Optimization product line: Our Contact Center Performance Optimization products help maximize agent performance and improve operations by enhancing quality, increasing customer contacts and optimizing contact center resources. The Aspect Software performance optimization products – Aspect® eWorkforce Management™, Aspect® RightForce® Workforce Management, Aspect® Analyzer™, Aspect® Campaign Optimizer™, Aspect® Enterprise Campaign Manager™, Aspect® Quality Management™ and Aspect® DataMart™ – are designed to reduce labor costs, enhance service levels and align performance with business goals.

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