Tony Won

Vice president of games at TELUS International
Tony Won

Tony Won brings nearly 20 years of experience building teams from diverse groups of people in high-stress environments to his role as vice president of games at TELUS International. Over the past 11 years, he has been a leader in the games industry, guiding startups and managing development teams. His past seven years have been spent focusing on running games as a service and live operations at companies such as Riot Games and Epic Games as well as creating brand-building customer service organizations. . He also runs a blog, Moar Customers, that covers topics around creating better work environments, practical leadership, and building great comprehensive customer experiences.

Articles by Tony Won

Ensure that your customer experience player support team is not siloed from the gaming studio it serves, but a seamless extension of it, becoming the ideal live digital customer experience partner.
Posted April 19, 2021