Sheryl Kingstone

Research director for business applications at 451 Research
Sheryl Kingstone

Articles by Sheryl Kingstone

Customer intelligence platforms give companies the best chance of determining what customers truly want and being relevant to them.
Posted May 24, 2019

As digital disruption takes hold, companies will have a greater need for customer data.
Posted February 19, 2019

There's just too much customer data available, and companies that know how to use it will have a clear advantage.
Posted September 21, 2018

Today's stories allow two-way customer contacts across devices and platforms.
Posted July 16, 2018

As consumers work to take back control of the data companies have on them, businesses need to step up as well.
Posted May 21, 2018

Retailers need to reevaluate the experiences they deliver to consumers across all touchpoints.
Posted March 16, 2018

Changes are coming as data platforms transform into customer intelligence platforms.
Posted January 12, 2018

Artificial intelligence needs to be at the center if companies will have any chance of truly personalizing interactions.
Posted August 11, 2017

Digital transformation is driving the business interaction environment, but customers want to dictate the communication terms.
Posted April 21, 2017

Digital customer experiences require a different approach that blends channels across the digital and physical worlds.
Posted February 17, 2017