Matt McConnell

Chairman, president, and CEO of Intradiem
Matt McConnell

Articles by Matt McConnell

Companies need to rethink operations amid the ongoing work-from home frenzy.
Posted March 01, 2021

People will remain at the heart of customer service interactions because chatbots just don't have the heart.
Posted January 25, 2021

Intelligent assistants can perform the routine, letting managers work to make agents better.
Posted December 28, 2020

Flexible options, including split shifts, will help contact centers hire and retain good customer service agents.
Posted October 12, 2020

When it comes to customer service, artificial intelligence is just as its name suggests: artificial.
Posted August 03, 2020

Automation can be a catalyst for enhanced operations and happier agents as the industry moves toward remote workforces.
Posted May 26, 2020