Denis Pombriant

Denis Pombriant

Denis Pombriant is founder and principal analyst of Beagle Research. Prior to that, he held multiple sales and marketing management positions in emerging companies. In 2000, Pombriant joined Aberdeen Group and held positions as research director and vice president of the CRM practice.

Articles by Denis Pombriant

New technologies are renewing the need for call center agents.
Posted September 06, 2019

How close are we to a day when we won't need customer service any more?
Posted November 02, 2018

Automation requires planning your customer service encounters rather than simply layering on technology.
Posted August 31, 2018

Companies need to adopt a customer-centric, subscription-based model to customer service.
Posted June 16, 2017

Controllers are more suited to today's call center needs, but empathizers get more of the jobs.
Posted March 24, 2017

England's decision shows that governments still have a lot of work to do when it comes to CRM.
Posted July 22, 2016

Musical tastes aside, companies' on-hold choices say a lot about their attention to demographic details.
Posted June 24, 2016

Every interaction is a moment in truth that can turn customers into brand advocates.
Posted March 18, 2016

Don't just assume that you know what your customers want or need; ask them.
Posted December 18, 2015

Deciding what your business values brings clarity and a greater sense of purpose for you and your customers.
Posted March 19, 2015

Service teams are taking on cross-sell and up-sell responsibilities, while insides sales are answering service requests. Are you ready for a new era of customer service?
Posted November 25, 2014

Is CRM in the crosshairs of the service and professional industries?
Posted June 03, 2014

The "one and done" approach to CRM is now considered an old-school tactic. Continuous action—from problem to resolution—will inspire consumer trust and prompt repeat business.
Posted March 13, 2014

The partner channel is as important as the direct channel. Here's why you should apply the same approaches to building mutually beneficial relationships with partner experience management.
Posted January 16, 2014

Are you making assumptions about your customers' expectations? In the era of social media, there is no excuse for not listening to the voice of the customer.
Posted November 04, 2013

Software is not the only answer in determining if your customer experience solutions are working. By using qualitative and qualitative research you can glean important insights about your customer base.
Posted October 02, 2013

Treat your customers like subscribers because that's how they think of themselves.
Posted July 30, 2013

Use analytics to identify customers and create loyalty.
Posted April 30, 2013