Anand Subramaniam

Senior vice president of marketing at eGain
Anand Subramaniam

Articles by Anand Subramaniam

Guidance is the key to Uber's and Lyft's successes, and it can work for contact centers too.
Posted December 10, 2018

Action leadership is the missing middle between just thinking about customer experience and leading on performance.
Posted August 06, 2018

Virtual assistants should be knowledgeable as well as polite and conversational.
Posted March 08, 2018

Six proven use cases for artificial intelligence as a contact center customer service tool.
Posted October 10, 2017

Done right, knowledge management can be the secret to customer service success.
Posted May 16, 2017

When customers start on digital channels for customer service, they'd prefer to stay in those channels throughout their interactions.
Posted September 20, 2016

The right knowledge, powered by artificial intelligence, can have a positive effect on all of the top contact center metrics.
Posted April 12, 2016