Verint Enhances Social Engagement

Social media is an important aspect of marketing and communication for many organizations, but it is also becoming a necessary channel for providing top-tier customer service. To support customers' desire to take to social media when they need help, Verint Systems has enahnced its Social Engagement solution.

The solution, which integrates with Verint's Engagement Management product, helps contact center agents give consumers the immediate personalized responses they have come to expect using social media channels.

"Today, we're seeing higher consumer demand for digital customer service than ever before, and it's not just coming from the Millennial generation, but the consumer base as a whole," says Kelly Koelliker, director of solutions marketing at Verint. "The Verint Engagement Management solutions are designed to help organizations coordinate and meet disparate social engagement needs, while also  supporting the end-to-end management of customer care requirements, ultimately helping contribute to increased loyalty and customer satisfaction by providing fast, personal social service and reducing consumer frustration across the board."

Social Engagement allows companies to incorporate social engagement channels as an integrated tier in a single-vendor, omnichannel customer engagement strategy. Key enhancements  include  accelerated routing, prioritization, allocation and escalation of issues raised on social media as well as collection and analysis and reporting on insights from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, online forums, and messaging services, including Facebook Messenger.

Online communities, particularly Twitter and Facebook, present a vast customer service opportunity, but ones that must be managed with as much care as traditional channels because of the immediacy with which they offer word-of-mouth contact between consumers. Verint Social Engagement allows companies to see and act on complaints in real time.

"This allows the organization an opportunity to address issues as they arise and resolve them to prevent further damage and regain loyalty," Koelliker says. "Social postings can spread quickly, so companies should be prepared to resolve issues and turn around their unhappy customers before it's too late."

Verint's Social Engagement works across various social channels and can adapt as others arise. While Twitter and Facebook are the most popular social tools that consumers leverage for service today, Koelliker says this could change in the next couple of years. Verint’s Social Engagement analyzes a variety of digital channels with room for the growth of additional of social channels.

Verints  Actionable Intelligence solutions focus on customer engagement optimization, security intelligence, and fraud, risk, and compliance across a variety of markets for more than 10,000 organizations in 180 countries. Interest in its Social Engagement tool is currently concentrated across the travel and hospitality markets, as well as retail verticals.

With the new announcement Verint  hopes to capture the interest of utilities, financial services, and insurance firms that are more hesitant to embrace social customer service due to security and compliance regulations. Social Engagement can help transition conversations between channels, from public to private in a matter of seconds, allowing these organizations to resolve issues that involve private details on a secure channel.