TeleVoice Releases Insight, A Call Recording and Agent Evaluation Tool

TeleVoice, a provider of customized call center solutions, including interactive voice response (IVR) and computer telephony integration (CTI), to the financial services industry, has launched TeleVoice Insight, a comprehensive call recording solution.

According to the company, TeleVoice Insight can help financial services firms ensure regulatory compliance, improve customer service, and resolve customer disputes.

TeleVoice Insight includes the following:

  • Call Recording: interaction recording and live monitoring;
  • Agent Evaluation: call scoring and agent coaching for contact centers; and
  • Computer Recording: Desktop recording and monitoring software.

Building on its 28-year partnership with Black Knight Financial Services, TeleVoice has developed integrations with the Black Knight MSP platform that are unique for call recording systems. Insight's integrations with Director and with TeleVoice IVR can link caller loan numbers with captured recordings, helping locate calls associated with any given loan.

Additionally, Insight can also flag one-time draft authorization recordings, providing an archive that eliminates the need for confirmation letters and complies with standards set forth by NACHA, an electronic payments association.

"TeleVoice has a great depth of experience working with clients in the Black Knight environment," says Barry Hays, co-founder and senior vice president of TeleVoice. "Our intimate knowledge of Black Knight's servicing application has allowed us to enhance Insight with some unique integrations to automatically capture and associate the caller's loan number with a recording agent conversation and to tag call recordings of phone payment confirmations so they may be archived for NACHA compliance."

TeleVoice Insight has voice and data synchronization that permits managers to hear agent-caller interactions while observing what is being executed on an agent's desktop.

Regulatory requirements and increased call volumes are just two reasons servicers are striving to improve agent performance in their contact centers, according to Hays. TeleVoice Insight, he says, gives management a reliable tool to improve agents' interaction with customers. It also gives them more control in observing interactions and knowing where additional training might be needed.

Through the Agent Evaluation Module, TeleVoice Insight enables supervisors to provide feedback to agents through full-motion videos and application-specific desktop recordings. Built-in reports allow managers to review evaluations with agents and highlight key examples from interactions to gain a better understanding of performance trends or training opportunities along with key learning points.

Additionally, TeleVoice Insight improves job performance and agent retention through quality monitoring. Customized scorecards and captured interactions help to further evaluate and tailor coaching time with agents.

TeleVoice currently serves some of the largest financial institutions, including Black Knight Financial Services, SunTrust, RBS Citizens, OneWest, EverBank, and Capital One.

And though most of TeleVoice's clients work in the financial services industry, Hays says the Insight solution could work for any call center for quality control and agent evaluation. "The unique Black Knight integration features will obviously not apply, but all the other agent call recording and management features are applicable in any industry," he says.

"With the release of Insight, we're building on our 30 years of delivering custom call center solutions,” Hays continues. “Our design team has worked to deliver the robust feature set our clients have been asking for in a call recording solution that's scalable from small call centers to those with hundreds of agents."