Richardson Launches Sales Training for Service Staff

Richardson, a sales training and performance improvement company, has launched the Enhanced Service Through Consultative Sales Program, a sales training program that enables service professionals with a new set of skills to help them deliver better customer service experiences and drive additional value by proactively positioning additional products and solutions to meet customer needs.

This program teaches service professionals how to change their mindsets around selling and use information learned on a call to position additional value, as well as improve first call resolution rates. The program results in service teams that can do the following:

  • Develop a structured method for transitioning from serving the immediate need to understanding broader needs;
  • Realize greater economic value from the customer service call by positioning additional products and services that serve customers' complete needs;
  • Boost customer loyalty and retention with service that relates to the customer with an authentic and personalized approach;
  • Project confidence, credibility, and conviction in tone and words to convey interest, gain respect, and inspire trust; and
  • Improve first call resolution rates.

Richardson's Enhanced Service Through Consultative Sales Program is a blended sales training program that incorporates digital learning via Richardson's online learning platform Richardson Accelerate, live instructor-led workshops, and post-learning sustainment activities.

"Service professionals who build sales skills that empower them to boost customer loyalty and retention and position additional solutions are an untapped resource for organizations seeking to deliver unexpected value," says Richardson's chief marketing officer, Andrea Grodnitzky, in a statement. "Many of our customers are looking to elevate the skills of their service teams to meet the wider scope of customer needs. We're excited for the new addition to Richardson's Connected Selling Curriculum."