Pronexus Releases VB Voice 10.1

Pronexus, which has provided interactive voice response (IVR) solutions for more than 20 years, this week launched VB Voice 10.1, a program that will allow users to access both voice recognition and visual customer service through smartphone or HTML 5-enabled browser.

The addition of default prompts and the ability to deploy as is without needing to customize callflows for visual applications simplifies the development process. Developers can also deploy data-only IVR applications using the Visual Connect module.

IVR developers can deploy IVR applications hosted entirely in the cloud.

"Users indicate near the beginning of a call that they may view menus visually as well as via audio. If they want to participate in visual customer service, they are either emailed or texted the web link to the visual representation of the call flow," says Gary Hannah, Pronexus' CEO. "Using visual inputs, various processes, like inputting account numbers or answering security questions, are streamlined because the user can see what they are doing. This is helpful because it reduces the chances that users input wrong digits from their keypads when entering information using IVR alone."

Hannah went on to say that combined voice and visual IVR with Visual Connect streamlines call flow because visual navigation is faster; users don't have to listen to entire prompts via main menus to make their selections.

The new solution, which allows organizations to integrate voice and data without the need for application development, is being pitched as an "app-less app" and can be used individually or together. Using a single library for compiling support assemblies, the solution also allows developers to activate or deactivate menus during runtime without having to recompile and redeploy the IVR portion of the software. Using cloud-based IVR applications, visual prompts can be played aloud without the use of telephony boards or speech licenses.

"This solution means that our customers won't have to have different development teams for IVR development, mobile app development, and a web services team, which translates into cost savings," Hannah says. "Thanks to this single form of development, clients can build once and deploy on two channels without additional effort to build data channel-designated call flows. This translates into savings of both money and time."

Pronexus offers both custom and turnkey IVR solutions to businesses and includes functions from auto-attendants to automated payments, fax applications, notification, polls, and surveys. The company's flagship VB Voice product integrates with the latest versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and features intuitive visual call flow environment and programmable controls as well as a multilingual prompt library. The company's IV Guard product is a monitoring system to manage the integrity of IVR systems.

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