Neustar, Aspect Integrate with Google’s Verified Calls

Neustar, an identity resolution information services and technology company, and Aspect, a communications, contact center, and workforce optimization provider, have both announced plans to integrate their products with Google's new Verified Calls service.

Neustar has integrated its Trusted Call Solutions platform with Google Verified Calls to improve answer rates and engagement on outbound calls. This collaboration adds visual information, such as caller verification status, branding, and call context, to incoming call screens on Android mobile phones. Neustar’s STIR/SHAKEN call authentication also provides proof that the call has not been spoofed.

"We're proud to work with Google to enable contextual and authenticated calls on a leading mobile platform and to empower and inform consumers across the globe to trust the calls they receive," said James Garvert, senior vice president and general manager of caller identification solutions at Neustar, in a statement. "We help leading enterprises ensure their caller names and numbers are accurately and consistently displayed, and work with all the major carriers to ensure legitimate calls are not mistakenly blocked or labeled as spam."

Aspect is linking Verified Calls to its contact center dialer portfolio.

"We integrated Google's new feature to facilitate good calls" said Michael Harris, Aspect's chief product officer and chief marketing officer, in a statement. "Our enterprise customers are among the largest financial institutions in the world, and they need to reach their consumers. Likewise, consumers need to answer those calls with confidence. We view Verified Calls as a giant step in the right direction."

"Businesses and consumers rely on phone calls to communicate with each other, but robocalls, spam and fraud have eroded customer trust, and a majority of consumers no longer answer the phone if they do not recognize the caller's number or if the number is anonymous," said Stephen Brough, product partnerships lead at Google, in a statement. "Verified Calls is designed to help reestablish trust and enable businesses to engage consumers more efficiently and effectively by phone. The service also allows businesses to display their branding and call reason to customers, letting them know who's calling and the purpose of the call."

Verified Calls is a feature on Google's Phone app, which comes preloaded on many Android mobile phones. It will initially be available in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and India, with additional countries to come in the near future.