NICE Unveils Quality Central Insight

NICE today introduced NICE Quality Central Insight, its latest contact center quality management solution.

NICE Quality Central Insight leverages interaction analytics and replaces manual evaluations with automation capable of handling 100 percent of interactions.

Using NICE's Nexidia speech analytics technology, NICE Quality Central Insight leverages both spoken and written words and phrases from the actual interaction as well as information about the customer to drive a complete cross-channel evaluation of interaction quality. It can also identify issues affecting key performance metrics and deliver targeted evaluations and coaching.

NICE Quality Central Insight can monitor interactions for quality from any data and recording source, unifying all quality assurance processes in a single application. It uses pre-configured speech categories or customizable queries to automatically identify interactions that affect contact center performance .

NICE Nexidia's speech analytics technology also takes advantage of AutoEvaluate, a feature that leverages spoken words and phrases to automatically answer questions and insert scores on evaluation forms. Auto-scoring of specific behaviors, such as account verification, across all customer interactions can also appear directly on the Quality Central Insight dashboard.

"Contact centers are challenged to monitor and deliver consistent, superior quality of service over the myriad of channels that customers demand. Furthermore, manual quality management processes hinder program effectiveness," said Barry Cooper, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, in a statement. "NICE Quality Central Insight allows contact centers to take a holistic approach and reinvent their quality assurance programs to drive greater efficiency and offer exceptional customer service, giving them a clear competitive advantage."

NICE Quality Central Insight can be deployed in the cloud or on premises.