NICE Introduces Engage 6.5

NICE has released version 6.5 of its NICE Engage interaction recording platform. This latest version offers greater omnichannel capabilities, improved regulatory compliance, enhanced and comprehensive business insights, and a seamless customer experience.

The NICE Engage upgrade addresses the needs of the omnichannel contact center, providing a better understanding of interaction context across multiple channels.

“The biggest enhancement is the ability to capture every single type of interaction today,” says Aviad Abiri, vice president of portfolio sales enablement at NICE.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen an enrichment of channels with things like chat, video, Skype, social, and mobile, and as these channels evolved, they were siloed in organizations with whole teams dedicated to each one,” Abiri says. “Version 6.5 is a single channel to capture all channels together. Businesses can capture and search across touch points no matter what channels they came in on.”

In addition to providing a single platform for all channels, NICE Engage 6.5 offers the following new capabilities:

  • improved quality management workflow, with easier supervisor access to employee evaluations;
  • interface redesign and improved usability;
  • multilanguage and organization-specific jargon support; and
  • a do-it-yourself approach that enables maximum flexibility and customizations.

By adapting quality management and analytics tools to digital interactions, such as chat, video, email, and social media, NICE Engage enables organizations to simultaneously improve the customer experience and expand compliance practices.

All of this can be done in real time, which is another key element of the release, according to Abiri. “You can use the content and context of the actual conversation to make decisions as things are happening,” he says.

“What takes this to the next level is the ability to process [interactions] in real time and take action,” Abiri adds. “You can make changes in real time when you’re still in the middle of an interaction.”

Engage 6.5 also enables companies to recommend next-best actions to the agents while calls are still in progress. That, Abiri says, “takes things to a new level in customer experience.”

Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, agrees. “Organizations are continually adding both self-service and assisted service channels in order to meet customers’ expectations and improve their experience,” he said in a statement. “NICE Engage has enjoyed tremendous success since its launch, and the current enhancements enable organizations to manage today’s omnichannel experience in the most comprehensive manner possible, ensuring the delivery of efficient and effective customer service in a manner which delights consumers.”

According to Abiri, the 6.5 release leverages some of the technologies that NICE gained during its acquisition of Nexidia in January. “Nexidia’s analytics and workforce optimization technologies are enabling some of the additional advantages that we can bring to our customers,” he says.

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