NICE Delivers Real-Time Voice Biometrics to the Call Center

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In another case, Kahn said that based on a limited initial deployment, the system enrolled 130,000 customers within three months.

"Within nine months, we expect that [this company] will be able to enroll its entire customer base of 3.5 million," Kahn says. "This will be the biggest deployment of natural speech voice-authentication globally when completed at the end of May."

Real-Time Authentication capabilities include:

  • Voice biometrics: The solution uses voice print matching to enroll callers and later match them with their own stored voice print for reliable speaker verification in real time.
  • NICE Seamless Passive Enrollment: Patent-pending process for leveraging previous customer interaction recordings, where callers are automatically enrolled into a voice print database.
  • Real-time agent guidance: Agents are notified of high-risk interactions in which the customer's claimed identity does not match the voice print database and then receive desktop guidance on what action should be taken.
  • Enterprise-ready scalability: The solution includes scalable streaming on all contact center interactions in real time, which enables organizations to support millions of interactions at minimal cost.
  • Dynamic Security Questions (DSQ) Interface: A second layer of authentication is used on top of the voice biometrics analysis layer to manage nonenrolled callers and authentication anomalies.
  • Authentication Center: A single application is used to manage the call authentication policy as well as report on and continuously analyze system performance.
"NICE’s approach enables contact center operators to leverage the investment they have already made in call recording and provides a tested suite of capabilities that applies both speech analytics and voice biometrics to risk management and fraud reduction," says Dan Miller, senior analyst at Opus Research. "Large banks and financial institutions [can] find a ready-made ROI resulting from fraud loss reduction in the contact center."

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