NICE Adds AutoDiscovery to Interaction Analytics

NICE today introduced AutoDiscovery as part of its Nexidia Analytics solution.

Leveraging artificial intelligence-based unsupervised machine learning, these capabilities provide cross-channel insights on service anomalies and customer pain points.

AutoDiscovery is available as a cloud-based add-on to version 12.2 of Nexidia Analytics.

The machine learning capabilities highlight phrases that indicate customer dissatisfaction via sentiment and volume indicators for each topic and phrase. AutoDiscovery automatically correlates topics and highlights trends in phrases and topics so that organizations can understand the full picture and take immediate corrective action to address anomalies and resolve issues.

NICE Nexidia's AutoDiscovery capabilities deliver the following features:

  • Automatic Topic Identification, which suggests topics for a set of media based on all available data, without the need for human intervention. Topics are automatically correlated and can be filtered by volume, sentiment, average handle time, non-talk time, or cross-talk analysis. Topics can be viewed by desired metrics.
  • Anomaly Detection, which surfaces lower volumes or newly trending issues.
  • Query Coverage Analysis, which enables identification of topics not covered by existing call topic query libraries. Companies can continually gauge the robustness of their query libraries and use Automatic Topic Identification to update libraries as needed.

The AutoDiscovery capabilities also empower managers and agents with timely and targeted feedback, aiding analytics-driven quality management programs in finding new coaching opportunities and calibrating performance metrics.

"With NICE's newly announced AutoDiscovery capabilities, organizations no longer need to look for the needle in a haystack of data when it comes to understanding how to best serve their customers" Barry Cooper, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, said in a statement. "Organizations can now rely on our analytics solutions to surface trending service areas and take quick action."