NICE Acquires MindTouch, Launches CXone Expert

NICE has acquired MindTouch, a knowledge management software company. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed, but it has been reported that the MindTouch technology will be rolled into NICE's Digital Solutions Group., which it launched last October.

NICE also today launched CXone Expert, a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI)-powered knowledge management solution that projects personalized content to customers seeking self-service while injecting crucial insights throughout the customer journey. CXone Expert infuses AI and data, turning bots into smart, AI-based agents.

CXone Expert brings self-service through digital channels, including mobile applications, search engines, chatbots, and websites, by surfacing the right content when, where, and how customers want it. The solution provides a seamless experience all the way to human assistance by giving agents the full context of the customer's journey .

"We face a new breed of next-generation consumers who live in a digital world," said Paul Jarman, NICE CXone CEO, in a statement. "They want smart self-service, and they would like to get things done digitally on their own if they can. With CXone Expert, we are helping companies apply smart self-service best practices using AI technology to meet consumer demand for faster, more convenient experiences."