IntelliResponse Launches VOICES

Virtual agent solutions provider IntelliResponse has launched VOICES, a voice of the customer solution aimed at enabling enterprises to derive actionable insight from customer questions using digital channels. The tool captures and automates voice of the customer data from client interactions across multichannel environments to provide customer insights.

“IntelliResponse at its core is a virtual agent that understands and interacts with a customer, whether its through a Web site, a mobile environment using voice, and it works in social media as well and in agent environments,” says CEO David Lloyd. “Any environment that helps people to solve problems is an area where our technology plays a big role.”

VOICES captures every question customers and prospects ask in their own natural language, through any self-service interaction channel by using linguistic and statistical native language processing in combination with data visualization technology.

“There’s text analytics solutions out there, there’s lots of voice, there’s tetabytes of unstructured data and it’s useless to most organizations because they have no way to look at it,” says Lloyd. “What VOICES does is that it allows you to see the authentic voice of customers. It doesn’t look at just common words, words mean nothing, but it looks at the common themes and intents, the combinations of terms that give you the true voice of the customer’s thinking. VOICES lets you look at the 98 percent of questions as intent and themes within the customers mind, so you’re always seeing constant voice of customer, not sample voice of customer.”

The solution also makes it possible for marketers to identify and compare customer trends over specified periods. The data is automatically structured into organized and intuitive themes via a highly visual format, so marketers can explore trends or drill-down to the originating questions to help them understand exactly how a customer expressed a need or problem. On a larger scale, VOICES enables marketers to identify changes in behavior and the marketplace to build a more detailed profile of customers over time.

“VOICES really is the first of its kind solution that visualizes, in many cases, the millions of questions that customers are asking everyday and translates that information into real-time, highly visual insights for marketing, sales, product, and customer care,” says Lloyd. “You can have a sales and marketing team, for example that can use the insights derived from VOICES to determine in real-time, the questions that customers are asking, for example, about a new product. They can then modify their marketing program accordingly.

“I think that what is so important to the customer care environment is that customer care often feels like a bucket and everybody else is a shovel. I think what VOICES does with its virtual agent capabilities is that it empowers the customer care environment into a true hub of insight for the organization.” 

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Posted June 18, 2014