Improving Customer Satisfaction and Overcoming Information Silos Weigh Most Heavily on Call Centers

Call centers continue to struggle with iimproving customer satisfaction and overcoming information silos, according to research by KMS Lighthouse, providers of a knowledge-based management platform, KMWorld, and Unisphere Research.

Half on all call centers are challenged in improving customer satisfaction, and 42 percent find overcoming the information silo most difficult, emphasizing the importance of streamlining information, the research found.

Other highlighted call center challenges, include the following:

  • Providing agents with faster access to accurate information (30 percent);
  • Improving online responsiveness (29 percent);
  • Reducing routine operational expenses (28 percent);
  • Decreasing average call handling time (27 percent); and
  • Reducing the training curve for new agents (25 percent).

"The survey was conducted to hone in on the exact challenges call centers are facing across a broad array of industries so that directors can easily meet those challenges," says Sagi Eliyahu, CEO of KMS Lighthouse. "The primary need that spans across all industries is to keep customers satisfied by streamlining data so that agents can provide accurate information faster."

Unisphere Research surveyed 251 managers and professionals among KMWorld magazine subscribers. The survey included business leaders, managers, and contact center directors from a range of industries, with the highest concentration of professionals in the financial services, manufacturing, and high-tech sectors.