Freshworks Launches Freshsuccess

Freshworks a provider of customer engagement software, today launched Freshsuccess, a customer success management application that promises to deliver an integrated customer view for marketing, sales, support, and success professionals.

With Freshsuccess, companies can leverage unified, holistic data of both accounts and contacts yielding the most up-to-date account activity and health information to identify accounts that are either at risk or ready to buy more goods and services.  

With Freshworks’ Freshsuccess, users get detailed analysis of past behavior to create and configure customer health scores, allowing companies to grow an established customer base, identify any red flags, and increase customer retention rates. In addition, Freshsuccess helps teams operationalize customer success in the following ways:

  • Centrally managing all of their customer-related activities, such as alerts, workflows and tasks;
  • Streamlining business intelligence and identifying behavioral trends while uncovering valuable customer insights;
  • Automating alerts and notifying team members when important events occur that are indicative of changes in account health;
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence to help predict when opportunities are present; and
  • Receiving timely notifications that suggest precise actions to specific contacts who might be frustrated, in need of help, or open to new product suggestions.
"As Ideagen continues its rapid growth, it is vital that we continually nurture and support our existing client base and their ever-changing needs," said Mark Fuller, head of customer success at Ideagen, in a statement. "Freshworks Freshsuccess gives us a more complete picture of the customer so we are able to proactively assist them in their own success. Ultimately, it allows us to improve customer outcomes, onboarding, adoption, time to value, and health."

"Our Customer-for-Life vision revolutionizes customer engagement to take advantage of the never-ending customer journey," said Girish Mathrubootham, founder and CEO of Freshworks, in a statement. "Meaningful customer insight doesn't end at market, sell, and support. You need to engage continuously to get a customer for life. With Freshsuccess integration, businesses will be able to leverage actionable data across the entire suite of products, including Freshmarketer, Freshsales, and Freshdesk, for predictive analytics, customer intelligence and workflow management to proactively court, close, keep, and grow customers for life."

A key element of the Freshsuccess platform is the Master Customer Record, which will allow teams to use critical account-level information and insight to better serve and deepen customer relationships. Customer health and alerting can be leveraged across the busines. Marketers can identify advocates, build case studies, and identify the strongest industries. Sales can leverage data for cross-sell and upsell opportunities while determining account health to net strong and relevant references. Support professionals can gain increased context for ticket triage and escalation. Finance teams can achieve additional insight into future revenue risk. Product teams can gain greater understanding of customer engagement by lifecycle stage, tier, or other account-level characteristics.

"The real value of having a 360-degree view of customers is not in unifying the data, but using that comprehensive view to inform all customer interactions across marketing, sales, and service," said L. Nicole France, vice President and principal analyst at Constellation Research. "Working with multiple stakeholders within a customer account compounds the challenge. A shared view of what's happening within a customer account, not just with individual contacts, makes it possible to create consistent, coherent, and positive experiences at every point along the customer journey. That's the recipe for happy customers and profitable, enduring relationships."

Freshsuccess will be generally available in January.