Cyara Releases Version 6.4.0 of Its Platform

Cyara Solutions yesterday released version 6.4.0 of its omnichannel discovery, testing, and monitoring platform for customer service interactions. The Cyara 6.4.0 release brings increased intelligence to Virtual Agent and enhances enterprise security and audit requirements around user logins and application usage.

The new release, which follows the July release of version 6.3.0, offers an enhanced Virtual Agent with increased flexibility to simplify the process of validating how calls are routed.

"The biggest difference in this release is that we are now making sure that the information being passed on from the caller is transferred to the right agent," says Alok Kulkarni, CEO of Cyara.

"A big challenge in the CRM field is that companies segment their customer bases into different categories, and when customers call in, they have to get through to the right agents to handle those segments," he explains. "This release helps ensure that a misrouting of calls does not happen."

Companies using Cyara can now classify calls and validate the call data based on a classification. This increases the flexibility of Virtual Agent and makes it significantly easier to validate call routing data for complex scenarios.

"A lot more complex interactions are coming into the contact center today," Kulkarni states. "As things get more complex, it's becoming more difficult for callers to reach the right agents. This helps make that possible."

The new release also provides enhanced logging capabilities for increased security and compliance purposes. With it, companies can more easily audit and assess user activity. The new features, which include enhanced security logging, allow administrators to track down information more easily, troubleshoot, see if users have accidentally deleted or moved information, track login and applications use, and more.

"We now offer a complete audit log," Kulkarni says.

The final piece of the new release is greater audio quality monitoring that can compare "the actual audio heard on the call with what was expected," Kulkarni adds.

And although the solution is housed in a multitenant environment, it now comes with greater ability for users to customize the platform for their unique needs.

According to the CEO, the new features were all "in huge demand" from customers. "These were things that the industry really needs," he says.

These enhancements are representative of Cyara's commitment to help our customers," he continues. "Cyara remains laser-focused on making our products easy, intuitiv,e and a pleasure to use, and our customers tell us we remain ahead of their expectations."