Aha! Integrates with Zoom's Unified Communications Platform

Aha!, a strategic market research technology company, has integrated Zoom Video Communications unified communications platform into its global market research platform for consumer and B2B research studies. This integration of Zoom's cloud-based platform for video, voice, content sharing, and chat, enables businesses to conduct live webcam conversations with their customers to gain a deeper understanding of the emotional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that drive buying decisions and product usage.

"Driven by our vision for leveraging technology with a human touch, our integration with Zoom is a real leap forward that enhances our ability to provide clients with yet another world-class tool that fits perfectly in our product portfolio," said Ray Fischer, CEO of Aha!, in a statement. "This collaboration pushes our insights technology platform beyond what is available in the marketplace today."

The technology allows for scheduled or ad hoc conversations that can be recorded and are accompanied by automated machine learning or human transcriptions of the discussion. Respondents can also screen-record and narrate their actions as they work through asynchronous UX tasks and exercises.

"As a leader in online qualitative market research technology, Aha! was a perfect fit to integrate our video-first unified communications platform," said Laura Padilla, head of business development and channels at Zoom, in a statement. "Aha!'s clients will truly benefit from this powerful set of live integrated video tools. It is a game-changer for market researchers worldwide."

In addition to the live-webcam video technology, Aha's suite of interactive activities and methods include storytelling, projective collage, innovative mobile video and image upload tools, concept testing methods, home use tests, usability studies, perceptual mapping, social/community activities, quant tools, and analytic resources. The Aha! team also provides online qualitative market research services, such as study design, project management, respondent recruiting, moderating, consulting, plus hands-on training and tech support.