noHold Integrates Virtual Assistant Solution with Live Chat Application

noHold, a provider of Web-based self-service solutions has released a set of open API’s that link noHold virtual assistants to any live chat application. The integration of provides a way for companies to better support their customers, while getting them most out of their investments.

To use the solution, the end user asks the virtual assistant a question. The virtual assistant will either provide the end user with the correct information (ending the interaction for that customer), or if it does not know the answer, it can provide the option to escalate to a live chat agent.

If the latter occurs, the chat log is sent to the live chat agent. This provides the agent with an understanding of the customer’s need and can address the issue quicker without the end user having to repeat the problem. Once the live chat agent is available, there is a seamless transition between the virtual assistant and live agent within the same interface, improving the experience for the end user.

There are many advantages to integrating a virtual agent and live chat together such as resolving abandonment issues;  the Web-based, self-service tool is available 24/7, while a live chat agent is only available during business hours; queue pollution is reduced.

“Our objective is to create the best self-service experience possible for our customers’ end users,” said Diego Ventura, CEO and founder of noHold, in a statement. “In some cases it is appropriate for the virtual assistant to escalate a session to a live agent either to help resolve a problem, or to upsell a pertinent product or service.”