noHold Adds Two Bots to Cisco’s Spark Depot

noHold, a provider of web-based self-services, has added two of its bots to Cisco's Spark Depot, a place for users to browse through and add integrations and bots that can accelerate business outcomes to their own implementation of Spark.

The two bots provided by noHold are the following:

  • SparkHelp Bot, helping users find answers about Cisco Spark anytime, directly from the Cisco Spark space.
  • WebEx Bot, helping answer common how-to questions about WebEx. To start a chat with the WebEx bot is just like starting a chat with a live person directly from within a Spark room.

To position these bots on the Spark Depot, noHold's engineering team built a connector using its own SICURA platform to allow users to leverage noHold's existing chatbots directly within the Cisco Spark platform. The bots can be leveraged by any company that has built virtual assistants using noHold's AI platform, SICURA.

"We want to make sure that the customers who have invested in our solution can leverage it on different channels," said Diego Ventura, CEO of noHold, in a statement. "If you build a virtual assistant with SICURA you can launch it on the Web, on Alexa, on Facebook M, and today, also on Cisco Spark."