noHold Adds Conversational Interface to the SICURA Platform

noHold has updated its SICURA platform for building virtual assistants with artificial intelligence features that mimic the natural flow of conversations. The next generation of virtual assistants includes a conversational interface.

To accomplish this, noHold enabled its virtual assistants to handle multi-turn interactions with expansions. Multi-turn interactions mean the back and forth that happens within a conversation. Expansions refer to the various ways conversation can turn.

Other features that were added to help create a more dynamic virtual assistant include the following:

  • Handling confirming questions;
  • Managing clarifying questions;
  • Change of subject;
  • Interruptions;
  • Inference;
  • Exception handling; and
  • Context retention.

"Incorporating these features into the SICURA platform is important. Whether consciously or unconsciously, the average person has multiple interactions with AI daily. Providing end users with the most natural experience helps decrease frustration and at the same time increase satisfaction," said Diego Ventura, CEO and founder of noHold, in a statement.