noHold AI Integrates with Cisco Spark

noHold Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform now supports Cisco Spark, making it possible for Spark users to leverage a virtual assistant directly from within a room within Spark's collaboration platform.

Using Spark's open APIs, noHold built a connector that enables users to find answers to their questions directly from the room interface. If a user has a question while working in a room that already has a virtual assistant added, all he has to do is mention (@) the virtual assistant's handle name in the text box along with the question. The virtual assistant will appear within that same chat window and respond accordingly. Adding a virtual assistant to a room is as easy as adding a human. Simply look up the name of the virtual assistant and click add.

"It is noHold's objective to make sure that our virtual assistants work through as many pertinent channels as possible, such as voice, SMS, Facebook, Alexa and certain collaboration platforms like Cisco Spark," Diego Ventura, CEO and founder of noHold, said in a statement.