Zultys Releases Version 11 of Its MX Unified Communications Platform

Zultys, a provider of unified communications solutions, has released Version 11 of its MX unified communication platform. Version 11 is available on all Zultys on-premises MX platforms, virtualized deployments of MXvirtual, and the fully-hosted Zultys Cloud Services.

MX Release Version 11 introduces &features highlighted by Multi-Media Queue capability for contact centers. Multi-Media Queue provides Web chat capability in addition to traditional voice capability. A Web chat link can be integrated into the company Web site. Rather than forcing agents to use different platforms for chat and voice calls, Zultys now streamlines all the customer-to-agent communications into a single window. Company representatives use MXIE unified communication client to answer and process Web chat requests the same way they would incoming voice calls. Moreover, chat messages are placed in queue alongside incoming calls. Contact Center supervisors can monitor chat conversations, coach their agents, or even interact with the customer directly the same way they could on voice calls.

"The Web Chat capability delivered in Zultys Release 11.0 will allow us to offer contact center customers additional avenues of customer engagement," said Jerry McKenzie, president of DigiTel Systems, in a statement. "Providing contact center customers the capability to offer more than just telephone service greatly enhances the customer experience and allows for operational efficiencies for the call center."

With Release 11, Zultys has also added support for Salesforce OpenCTI that includes a new Zultys Salesforce Communicator interface. Salesforce Communicator's application layout has been redesigned for improved functionality and it is now useable with any browser and operating system. Zultys Salesforce Communicator allows tight integration between Zultys' IP Phone System and the Salesforce platform. Users can make calls from Salesforce records; on incoming calls, Salesforce will automatically open a popup with a record associated with that caller ID; the Salesforce Communicator window provides a record of all recent calls without the need for the user to leave the Salesforce window.

"MX Release Version 11 enhances an organization's customer service and sales communications capabilities by being able to respond faster and more efficiently to clients," said Steve Francis, chief sales and marketing officer at Zultys, in a statement.