Zendesk Adds Generative AI Capabilities

Zendesk today introduced generative artificial intelligence advancements as part of the Zendesk AI solution, allowing companies to deploy generative AI-powered bots that supply answers to customers and help companies customize and enhance their customer experience solutions.

With AI for Voice, agents can now receive AI-generated conversation summaries and transcripts that capture customer sentiment.

And with Advanced Data Privacy and Protection, businesses now have access to advanced safeguards and controls to manage customer data and ensure that generative AI is safely and securely deployed. These include greater control and flexibility over customer data, targeted encryption, the ability to specify which data is shown and kept, and logs of who accessed and searched for data.

"Constant AI innovation is the new reality for CX leaders. While this promising technology unlocks incredible opportunities, it also adds pressure to deploy rapidly evolving capabilities in a timely manner and deliver meaningful business value," said Tom Eggemeier, CEO of Zendesk, in a statement. "Zendesk is the best partner for businesses during this transformative time. We bring a powerful combination of deep CX and AI experience to provide capabilities that allow CX teams to be more efficient and empathetic. This improves customer and employee satisfaction and delivers cost efficiencies and revenue growth."

As part of this release, Zendesk AI is also expanding intent detection to additional industries, including insurance, travel/tourism, and more, and use cases. Companies in these industries can now take common intents and edit them for specific needs, such as detecting frequently asked questions by travelers, and escalating to agents who are specially equipped to handle these issues.

"There is a lot of value and power that generative AI and [large language models] promise for businesses. However, we must set an example on building CX responsibly and guide our customers to reduce risk," said Cristina Fonseca, head of AI at Zendesk, in a statement. "In line with our security principles and privacy framework, we have built in safeguards and control for companies to set limits for bots. For example, when sensitive information such as medical history comes up, an agent must be brought into the customer conversation."